According to Dukan, “to succeed” is the most important goal to achieve at the very beginning of his diet. This means the first few days on the Dukan Diet are to be backed up with a good plan that can be carried out with precision. Since the food list is already in place, we don’t need to care about the first stage’s menu. The only thing we must do before proceeding is to wisely choose the duration of the Attack Phase.

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Phase II: Cruise

November 26, 2011

in Phase II Cruise

The Dukan Diet Cruise Phase is in fact a combination of two sub-phases. One, that in terms of the menu, is almost identical to the Attack Phase and the other that broadens the list of the allowed foods by including the remaining 28 vegetables from the 100 dukan diet safe products list.

The key rule of the Cruise Phase is to follow The Pure Protein (PP) sub-phase and the Protein + Vegetables (PV) sub-phase in turns until you reach your target weight.

There’s not much I can write about the PP sub-phase since it’s basically based on the same rules as the Attack Phase (see links above). Let’s focus on a PV sub-phase then.

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Dukan Diet Recipe: Cabbage with Lean Chicken Sausages If you miss some vegetables in Dukan Diet, here’s a recipe for you. This is a one-pot soup-like dish. Easy to prepare, very nourishing, 100% Dukan Diet compliant.

Recommended in Phase II (PV) and Phase III. Despite not being made of pure protein rich foods, this dish contains very little carbs, no fat and some significant amounts of protein. Read more →


Recipe: Dukan Egg Noodles (aka small dumplings)

April 3, 2012
Dukan Diet Recipe: Egg Noodles

Great noodles recommended by Dr Dukan. This recipe has been included in some editions of his book, but not everyone knows, or heard, about it. Anyway, here’s a nice step by step photo-recipe on how to prepare this delicious noodles.

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Recipe: Pancakes

April 2, 2012
Dukan Diet Recipe: Pancakes

Dukan Diet Pancakes are best used as an ingredient for other, more protein rich, dishes. This is because the pancakes themselves contain some carbohydrates, and although they are Dukan diet compliant, they should not be consumed just as they are. Use it as a base for delicious meals packed with proteins.

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Recipe: Letcho

April 2, 2012
Dukan Diet Recipe: Letcho

It’s not that hard to prepare a real letcho that is ‘dukan diet compliant’. Most ingredients are pretty easy to get. The most difficult ingredient to find is extra-lean cured turkey (or chicken) ham. You need to choose only the most lean varieties. Just read the label and you’ll know.

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Vitamins in Dukan Diet

March 30, 2012

Many people wonder if there’s a need for vitamin supplementation in Dukan diet. I’ve been pondering over it myself and created this list of the most essential vitamins and their dietary sources based on the list of dukan diet safe foods. This is not a complete list, obviously. But it gives you the picture whether […]

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Green Beans in Dukan Diet

March 20, 2012

Called green beans in the USA, french breans in the UK. Some call it squeaky beans. Whatever you choose to call it, the term green bean spans over many different kinds of beans: common bean, yardlong bean, winged bean, and hyacinth bean. Green beans are also very similar to edamame beans. Anyway, here’s a short […]

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Edamame beans in Dukan Diet

March 15, 2012

Edamame beans are in fact the immature, or young, green soya pods. They are usually available in two forms: as whole pods with soya seeds inside or as hulled green seeds (without the pod). As far as the dukan diet rules are concerned, only the ‘podded’ variety of edamame can be considered cruise phase compliant. […]

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Cucumber in Dukan Diet

March 14, 2012

Fresh cucumbers, pickles and gherkins are three valuable additions to the Dukan Diet menu. Fresh cucumbers should not be eaten during the Attack Phase, on the other hand, gherkins and pickles are diet-safe. This, however doesn’t mean that you menu should consist only of cucumbers.

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Chicory in Dukan Diet

March 13, 2012

Chicory, and more specifically a vegetable called Belgian endive, is very similar to cabbage and lettuce. Even though, dr Dukan, did not specifically pointed out this veggie as a valid Attack Phase or Cruise Phase (PP) food, I think it is safe to eat chicory throughout every stage of the Dukan Diet.

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Cabbage in Dukan Diet

March 13, 2012

This information refers to the most common varieties of cabbage, including: white & red cabbage, drumhead cabbage, oxheart cabbage, Krautman, and many others. In Dukan Diet you can eat sweet cabbage (cooked or raw) in phase two (PV), three and four. Fermented cabbage (aka sauerkraut or sour cabbage) can be consumed in moderation (due to […]

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Carrots in Dukan Diet

March 13, 2012

Carrots are one of the rare vegetables that are more nutritious cooked than raw. Moreover, carrots are more nutritious when cut by a knife! Don’t worry though, both raw or heat-processed carrots are very healthy and very recommended in just but every diet.

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Celery & Celeriac in Dukan Diet

March 12, 2012

The name celeriac concerns the edible roots of celery (lat. Apium graveolens). The edible green stalk of the plant is commonly referred to as celery. Both vegetables are very nutritious but, as usual, the root is relatively rich in carbs and sugars while the green’s percentage share of the dietary fiber in carbs is much […]

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